Notable comments on Shuteriqi

“Dhimiër Shuteriqi is one of the most important figures of our contemporary culture. He is not only an acclaimed writer, one of our best narrators and a poet, but also one of the most valuable researchers we have, one of the first researchers of the Albanian literature.”                                                                                                                                                           Dritëro Agolli

“Dhimitër Shuteriqi’s short prose attracts one not only due to its specific style, but also because of its great variety of subjects, psychoanalysis, poetic undertone, rich language and the diverse structures of artistic narration.”                                                   Jorgo Bulo

“A master of the written word and a Diogenes of the Albanian civilization; unbelievably hard-working and a true erudite; Educator of the nation and an Academic; this is the intellectual, patriot and citizen profile of Dhimitër Shuteriqi.”                         Nasho Jorgaqi

“Dhimitër Shuteriqi cannot become a “small voice” because his contributions and value are immense. He is a personality that belongs to two ages.”                                     Ismail Kadare

“An honest and mindful historian of the Albanian literature; that is why he is grateful to those who wrote it and we cannot deny that Dhimitër Shuteriqi was a reputable historian of the Albanian literature and the written Albanian language.

Regardless of our differences and methodological and ideological disagreements, I bow in a sign of respect in front his name and regard him as a great historian of the Albanian literature and the Albanian written language. If writing about the history of the Albanian literature, one is inevitably referring to its founder, Dhimitër Shuteriqi.”            Rexhep Qosja

“In Stendhal’s Grenoble the student Dhimitër Shuteriqi was introduced to Europe. Later in Albania he tried, by giving all of himself, his great talent and proverbial tenacity, to create a cultured Albania. Shuteriqi’s age more than days has work. He replied without hesitation to the call of duty (apelit naimjan).”                                                Moikom Zeqo